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 Posted: 12-25-2015 05:29 am
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Looking for the correct recommended plugs for 2.2 L Stroker Crank engine for Lotus 907 engine with Delortto 45/s. 10.5:1 compression JE Pistons. Head rebuilt and ported by West Coast Racing. Also would like recommended gap. Just completed a major portion of the ground up restoration and finally got the engine and transmission installed.

After about 3 seconds of turning the motor over, it fired right up. What a miracle. I really want to get things right. Still have a leak(s) on the cam covers so I have to redo the gasket, but for the most part, things look real good. Looking at a Accusump prelube system to help protect this investment. Ran the motor for 30 min at 1500 RPM with good oil pressure and no overheating. Even drove it for about 4 minutes. Transmission and brakes all seem good. I am so excited after 3 years of this restoration. I want to make it to the next JH meeting in So CA and drive my car to it. Hopefully in January 2016.

Hope to see a response soon.

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