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 Posted: 09-04-2005 02:29 am
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Hey Guys,

Got the email from Jorge with prices. I know we already have them, but I thought this to be a good opportuntiy to negotiate with him so I responded as follows. Hope none of you minded me taking this on.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have been discussing your progress on a new JH tank to a group and we have gained some interest in the (14 GA./.080) aluminum tank. I have to say we are all shocked at the prices you have given me considering your prices for other similar tanks. I was expecting your price to be around $200 for steel, $300 for aluminum, and $400 for SS. I think we would not have any problem to committing to say 10 units of the aluminum tank for a better price. I understand tooling of such items can be costly and steel prices have been high but I am certain that if we committed to 10 this would be a good move in the right direction to pay for this tooling. My intensions are not to insult your efforts in any way. With that said would you be willing to manufacture say 10 (14 GA./.080) aluminum JH tanks for a total price of $400 ea delivered. We would be willing to consider say 50% down to show our commitment. Please advise me so that I can pass this info on to my group.

I hope I captured the thread and all of our thoughts here accurately. I will be sure to post any response once I have one. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for now though!!!