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 Posted: 09-03-2005 05:46 pm
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I am also interested in a new tank. I had my old one cleaned and sealed with some red goop poured inside at a local radiator shop for $140. I'm not satisfied with the work. Tank still looks like crap on the outside and not sure how long the sealer inside will hold out.

I want something that is not going to rust. So sheet metal is out. I'm not too concerned with weight, so a stainless steel one would be fine for me.  The difference in weight between Aluminium and SS can't be more than a gallon of gas anyway. So I think SS would be fine for most people unless they are racing.

By the way that Triumph tank by George looks darn close to a JH tank. Has anyone compaired the two ? Looks like it might bolt right in with very little conversion. And it is only $199. Maybe he has a SS or Al version of that for less than $600.