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 Posted: 12-13-2015 05:03 pm
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I'm new to the forum after buying a 73 JH #10571. You can't just buy one, you have to have a parts car #14518. #10571 was in storage for 25 years in good shape, no rust to speak of. It has the weber 45mm on it and some head work (according to the PO). Since I bought it I have changed the belt, before trying to start it, had the fuel tank and radiator cleaned, replaced the dizzy with a pertronix unit, new plugs and 8mm wires, electric cooling fan installed taking the fan blade out. I then rebuilt the front suspension. I then took it on a test drive and fount the rear end was a little slower around the curve than the front so I rebuilt that too. When I rebuilt the front and rea I cleaned and painted all the parts all control arms and rear diff black , coil springs, calipers and drums red, sway bars yellow, Spax shocks lt blue. Thanks to all in the forum, before I did a lot of work I read through your posts looking for information before I started. I still have much work to do but at least now it is drivable. I bought the other car (#14518) for the hard top and many other things. I was able to get the engine running with ether, SU's wouldn't work (maybe I'll rebuild them later)and it sounds good. It is a complete car the body is rusting away as we speak but the internals are all good. With the extra car I can rebuild the engine as I need it and not have the car out of commission for to long. If I do rebuild it I will do the 2.2 stroker thing. I can't add pictures, there to big. I was told it was painted with a early 80's Porsche red.