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 Posted: 12-13-2015 04:56 pm
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I've just finished refurbishing the Lockheed drum brakes and handbrake on my GT. I replaced all the nuts and bolts on the handbrake pivot mechanism behind the rear axle and lubricated the moving parts with chassis grease, replaced the brake shoes, wire brushed the self-adjuster mechanisms, and lubricated the self adjuster pins and mating surfaces with lithium grease.

A couple of tips which may be useful for others doing this job. Firstly, I found it impossible to fit the tension spring which holds the trailing shoe to the handbrake lever, with the shoe in place on the backing plate, as instructed in the workshop manual. I found I could only do this by removing the trailing shoe all together, fixing the handbrake level and tension spring to the shoe, and then reinstalling the entire assembly onto the backing plate. Secondly, once the brake drums had been reassembled, I could not make the self adjusters work by operating the handbrake a few times (as instructed in the workshop manual). Rather, the self adjusters seems to have worked after I took the car for a drive and used the brakes. It seems, on this basis, that it is actually the wheel cylinders moving the shoes that makes the self adjusters operate.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

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