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 Posted: 12-12-2015 09:52 pm
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Spending a little time on interior modifications this weekend.

First, those floor mats were the easiest 11 lb weight reduction ever. Would never have guessed they weigh that much!

Second, I pulled out the stock seats, which weighed in at 28.4 lbs each, with sliders. The Kirkey Pro Street Drag seats I'm using should come in around 20 lbs each, with mounting hardware. For mounting, I'm just using a pair of 15" x 15" aluminum plates mounted to the stock seat mounting points. This will give me a flat, stiff base to mount the Kirkeys exactly where I want them. I have some Corbeau dual locking sliders to provide adjustability.

I also pulled off the Series 2 bumpers, which weighed in at a whopping 111 lbs, versus 29 lbs for my Series 1 bumpers.

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