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 Posted: 12-04-2015 07:09 am
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Went a little quicker than anticipated and put the engine and transmission back in yesterday. Initially put the transmission back in and then put the engine back in and seemed to have problems getting the transmission spline shaft to engage with the engine. Tried this for about 45 min without success and decided to take everything else out again and instead bolt the engine and transmission together as a single unit and then put that back into the car. I then put back the steering linkage thru the new 4 in 1 manifold and made the connection on both ends. This was a little tricky , but it did fit and looke to be clear thru all degrees of rotation.

This went very quickly and was able to slide everything into place quite easily. Got the tail shaft of the transmission connected to the drive shaft and then the other end connected to the differential. Placed the rear transmission crossmember support and realized that the rubber support was broken so ordered a new one from Delta. Expect it in tomorrow. Then I put in the tunnel support and 2 aluminum spacers.

This is where I may have a little problem. I have one split space washer on each side motor mount and with the tunnel support in, the forward universal seems to bind up against the support crossmember. Any ideas of how to line up things properly?

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