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 Posted: 12-01-2015 05:37 pm
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Well I ordered below parts:

main jet size 145 Air corrector jet
air corrector  180
emulsion tube 7850.2
emulsion tube 7850.6
 idle jet size 50
 idle jet size 55

So I ordered couple of idle jet holders (emulsion tubes) and different sized jets for the idle, 145 sized main jets and 180 size air corrector to start with. I didn't add the main emulsion tubes to the list cause eurocarb said  7772.5 is alternative to 7772.7 so, I guessed there is no point of spending extra credits for the thing I all ready have.
I'm sorry if I pressed the Volvo and the B30 into your forums, just the B30 is quite unique to the volvo cars (it was only 164 and C303 that were released with this engine) and dellortos were never officially fitted to the engine, it had zenith-strombergs. Your forum was the place where I found most info on the dellortos.

The fuel needles were full brass type: