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 Posted: 11-29-2015 09:46 pm
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Hi Steve

I've got the Lotusbits big bore exhaust system fitted to my GT and I can't recommend it highly enough. I don't compete in my Jensen, but the exhaust certainly frees up the engine and also quietens it down a lot when I'm pootling around town. I've had no issues with ground clearance with the front silencer (which replaces the front and middle silencers in the stock system). I also second Mike's view re the airbox - with an unrestrictive exhaust system the stock (muffler type) airbox is restrictive, even with a decent K&N filter. Mike found this when dyno testing my GT after upgrading the engine to Lotus spec 10 - replacing the stock airbox with the Excel type increased bhp by over 20%. In terms of originality for autocross purposes, a few of the very last J-Hs (and a majority of the GTs) were fitted with the T75 engine with the Eclat/Elite airbox, so you might be alright.

Hope this helps.

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