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 Posted: 11-29-2015 02:56 pm
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More helpful info - thanks Tim!

Here are a few more details on the Lotusbits EFI system. It uses Jenvey throttle bodies, typically 45mm for a stockish engine, and 48mm for a 2.2L/2.5L high compression engine. The custom intake won't fit under the J-H hood, so the kit would use a Lotus or J-H Dellorto manifold, depending on the head being used. The kit includes an ECU, wiring loom, coil pack, crank trigger, fuel pump, pressure regulator, distributor plug, and a few other bits. Lotusbits uses a DTA ECU that looks pretty decent. The S40 is the standard unit, which meets my requirements. The more advanced S60 or S80 provide more logging and features like launch control & flat shift.

Mike recommends the Lotus Eclat/Elite airbox, which apparently produces the best power numbers. I picked one up while at Lotusbits, as the airboxes are apparently hard to come by.

I also picked up a lightened steel flywheel, which is a beautiful piece - just the right weight, nicely finished & balanced.

Lotusbits also has a very nice looking header & exhaust system for the J-H. I'm particularly interested in the header, as it's a 4-2-1 design that should produce better mid-range power than the common 4-1 header. It also assembles in a way that's supposed to make installation a bit easier. I'm curious if anyone has first-hand experience with the Lotusbits header on a Mk II J-H? The exhaust system also looks to be a nice piece, although the mufflers use some fairly large cans, so I'm a bit concerned about ground clearance for the front can. Mike claims 95dB with the full system, and about 100dB without the rear can.


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