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 Posted: 11-28-2015 10:57 am
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Thank you all for the quick responses. This is how my floats are set, as I did it by the book I had. The car has mechanical fuel pump from the crank so I don't think thas going to be an issue. So I can check the fuel levels again in the carb bodies. I will also not that I changed the needle valves one seemd to have leaked so I changed them for all the carbs.

I changed the spark plugs and the carbon fouling was present in the beginning but I leaned the idle mixture from the screw and it seemed to have gone better. Also previous owner has changed the original ignition coil for some aftermarket one.

Yes I know the numbers on the parts are for some parts random.
I wanted to know what you guys think would be the "generic" ballpark parts to start with. The car itself is an old one and  ment to be driven around for fun,  plus its not sporty like Jensen Healys, so I could probably live with the carbs not ultimately fine tuned.

Also I only have a word from the previous owner for the car running good but he was quoting on times more-less 10 years ago.

So I will start with:
Emulsion tube 7772.5
7484 main jet size 145
7485 air corrector jet size 180
Emulsion tube 7850.7

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