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Exhaust Manifold Gasket
(between exhaust manifold flange & cylinder head)

Original thru 1985 Steel-Asbestos-Steel Sandwich:
A907E0004Z = JH 97263 - Martin Robey JH Parts Manual
A907E0004ZC - 907 thru 1985 910LC - Same as above
(Suffix letters are just an internal inventory control code)

Later 1986-96 910HC & 912HC Stainless Steel, 2-Laminate
A910E2235F - HC Carb, HCi Bosch F-Inj & GMP4 F-Inj

A910E__?__F - Stainless Steel, 3-Laminate
From a UK friend's source.
JAE sells their own aftermarket version.

Stud - Cylinder Head to Block:
A907E0224Z = JH 93576 - Stud, M12, Cyl Head/ Block, Orig.
B907E0224Z - Stud, M12, 1993-on, Head to Block, Upgraded
B-prefix stud is a direct fit into early 9XX engines, just stronger.

Tim Engel

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