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 Posted: 11-27-2015 10:00 pm
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While I'm on a roll, here's one more thing...

The original steel-asbestos-steel exhaust gasket blows too easily (the ones between the exhaust manifold flange and the cylinder head). The later gasket Lotus used for the 910 Turbo is a 3-laminate stainless steel part that does not blow. I've even re-used them once or twice without experiencing any leaks.

The gasket in Federal 910s was a 2-laminate. But a friend in the UK once sent me some 3-laminate gaskets that were available there, and they were wonderful. I contacted Lotus Cars USA (LCU), but they didn't know what I was talking about and never made them available on this side of the pond. I showed the 3-lam gasket to JAE, and they had them reproduced. The only difference is that the Lotus gaskets are crimped together around the ID, and the JAE version is secured together with eyelets at three ears near the stud holes.

In rare situations, I've had one of the eyelets interfere with the manifold flange (the gaskets are designed for the 910, I'm using them on other engines). In that case, just remove the offending eyelet. Once the gaskets are installed on the engine, the eyelets are redundant anyway.

When I was autocrossing 907s, the steel-asbestos-steel gaskets would blow way too often. After switching to the 3-laminate stainless steel gaskets, there was never another blown exhaust gasket.

The original steel-asbestos-steel gasket "blows" (take that any way you wish).

The Federal 910 2-laminate stainless steel gasket is preferable to the original 907 gasket.

The Euro 910 / JAE 3-laminate stainless steel gasket is pretty much bullet-proof.

Tim Engel

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