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 Posted: 11-26-2015 09:08 pm
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Stopped by Lotusbits for an extended visit this afternoon. Located in a rural area just Southeast of Coventry, the shop is an absolute treasure trove of hard to find parts for the Lotus 907/912 engines. Mike at Lotusbits was extremely helpful. We spent a good deal of time digging through his parts bins and discussing upgrade options for the Lotus engine in my Jensen Healey.

I bought a couple hard to find items while at the shop - an Eclat/Elite airbox and a lightened steel flywheel.

I also talked with Mike about various options for an EFI kit, and examined a couple engines with the Lotusbits EFI conversion installed. VERY nice package, with the cleanest, most secure crank sensor I've seen. It seems about as close to a simple bolt-on conversion as one could hope for. The only significant piece not in the kit is a fuel return line.