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 Posted: 11-19-2015 10:24 pm
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Jensen Healey

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Yep, just glued on.
Lower the top frame on the oblong mounting holes before starting. Stretch the top over the frame and tape it to the windshield when it's wrinkle free. Then pull the side flaps down and secure on the Velcro in the door jamb. Adjust height of frame to fit the top around the side window.
If the fabric is short behind the window at the flaps now, remove the top and throw it away. If it looks good so far, pull any final wrinkles out and mark the fold over the windshield header with chalk.
If the corner pockets are too long and have to be folded over the header, they will be too thick to fold neatly. Carefully remove the stitching and cut out the excess fabric.
Now it's finally time to use the contact adhesive and glue the front on to the header.
If all is well and everything fits, let us know the brand since there are lots of ill fitting tops made from patterns taken from old shrunken vinyl tops.