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 Posted: 09-02-2005 06:27 am
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If I can get 10 people committed - I'll call him up and try to negotiate. Maybe Greg (I'm bettting you're reading this) would be willing to throw a little 'I'll advertise your tanks on JHPS' weight behind us?? Greg - you can call or PM me (do we have private messaging on this forum??) and we can discuss a way to negotiate with Jorge so there's some benefit for JHPS as well in the agreement.

600 bucks seems a little steep to me. At the 400 +/- it seems reasonable. If Jorge really did spend 5 grand to set everything up, an order of 10 @ 500 bucks would cover his set up costs.

I'm flying out of the country for a week on Tuesday. So, if we can get a roster going and discuss with Greg ASAP it would be good. I would think we would need to give Jorge a reasonable deposit. I'd be willing to give 50%. So - in order to have a real discussion w/ Jorge - who's willing to cough up 50% immediately to get a tank made?

Greg - if I can get a long list of definates maybe we can set up a conference call with Jorge?


PS: if we want ANY changes to the tank design it must be done now - or people will have to discuss with Jorge for costs associated with changing the original plan. FOr me - I can go stock - but if there are a couple of great ideas we can incorporate (and it doesn't take a millenia to agree upon them) I think this is a great time to implement them.