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 Posted: 11-09-2015 12:29 pm
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stevegarnjobst wrote:
Unfortunately, high compression pistons and/or cam upgrades aren't allowed. So power upgrades will be limited. Going with EFI should at least help keep the power more consistent and predictable. I have a very meticulous tuner I've worked with for years who can optimize the tune for me. I assume this will take a bit of work, as Mike's base maps likely assume some of the upgrades I'm not allowed.

Are you allowed to touch the head? Just cleaning up the bowls of the ports and radius grinding the seats should make the head flow better, and pulling the cams together a bit will add overlap and move the torque a bit upwards in RPM, if you balance it so it will take the extra RPM.

But: personally I would never go racing in a car without even a roll bar, a 6-point cage is really the minimum. Are you serious that you can race with the stock windscreen and nothing else?


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