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 Posted: 11-09-2015 02:46 am
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Tim Murphy wrote:
I don't know the rules, but those large, molded, rubber front floor mats are heavy. Replacing those with some carpet mats purchased at an auto parts store will save around 10, 15 pounds by my guess.

Interesting you should mention those mats. I was staring at them today, thinking about how heavy they probably are.
It's allowable to remove the mats - in fact, they are typically supposed to come out if not securely fastened. I probably need to put something down on the floor to provide a bit of traction, but that will be a lot lighter than the mats. In my Miata, I coated the floors with truck bed liner paint, which provides a very durable, high traction surface. Not 100% sure I want to use that stuff on the J-H, as it's pretty difficult to remove later, but you have me thinking...

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