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 Posted: 11-07-2015 12:21 am
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Preliminary list of planned modifications:

Basic retrofit/removal
retrofit Series 1 bumpers
remove vapor control system
remove spare tire & bracket
remove stereo system
replace stock battery w/lightweight AGM battery (8 lbs)

Cockpit upgrades
replace stock steering wheel with Mountney leather wheel
replace stock seats with Kirkey Pro Street Drag race seats
replace stock belts with 3" lap belts

engine/drivetrain upgrades
Replace Strombergs w/EFI system (currently planning to use the LotusBits kit, featuring Jenvey throttle bodies)
Electronic ignition
Replace stock exhaust system with lightweight single pipe system, probably custom-fabricated
Header - could use input on this. Is the available 4-1 header measurably superior to the stock 4-2-1 unit? I have a perfectly serviceable 4-2-1 unit on the car now. Is it worth replacing?
Replace engine-driven fan with electric fan
limited slip differential (more to come on this after my visit to the UK later this month)
Note: no cam or other internal engine upgrades allowed in SP

Suspension upgrades
Upgraded springs (currently thinking 550 front, 250 rear)
Custom Speedway Engineering blade-adjustable swaybars
QA1 double-adjustable aluminum shocks
rear suspension conversion to 3-link with Watts link. Lots of thought going into this one. The end result could be a set of bolt-in upgrades that dramatically improves the J-H rear suspension. Still working through the details, though.

brake upgrades
lightweight disc brakes front and rear (HiSpec Motorsport)

wheel/tire upgrades
255/40-13 Hoosier A7's on 13" x 10" wheels

That's the basic plan. I look forward to sharing my progress throughout the Winter, and am sure I'll be asking for guidance as I deal with the challenges of upgrading a 40 year old British car.

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