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 Posted: 11-07-2015 12:48 am
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I recently purchased Jensen Healey #19064, a yellow 1974 JH5, with the intent to campaign the car in the SCCA's F Street Prepared autocross class. The SCCA is re-classing the J-H for the 2016 season, moving it from a class where it's been totally uncompetitive for many years, into a class where it should be a good match for the top vehicles.

SCCA's Street Prepared (SP) allows extensive suspension and wheel/tire options, but permits only limited bolt-on engine upgrades, and most interior and bodywork parts must stay intact. SP rules do include a provision for update/backdate across model years, so parts from the entire production run of the J-H may be utilized. This allowance will be particularly useful in removing excess weight from the car, as I already have a set of lighter Series 1 bumpers sitting in the garage, waiting to replace the ridiculously heavy Series 2 bumpers now on my car.

Based on the unique aspects of the SP rules, I'm planning an upgrade path that should be a bit outside the norm for J-H's. I plan to document the build, and share any unique parts developed with the J-H owner community.


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