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 Posted: 10-26-2015 06:29 am
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What I did (and what I think you should do) was to throw out the old cooler, hoses and sandwich plate and replace the lot.

The oil cooler is the same size as a Setrab 13 row cooler. The original sandwich plate should be replaced with one with a thermostat in it, brings the oil up to temp quicker and makes sure the oil isn't over cooled, Mocal makes these and they are not really expensive. Easily drilled and tapped for an oil temp sender too.

Any local hydraulics service shop can make the hoses for you, make sure you buy loose 45° elbows for the sandwich plate side, otherwise you risk having to twist the hoses to make them line up with cooler and sandwich plate. Not easy to do and not good for the hose. But it does add to the cost, fittings are the most expensive part of the whole setup.