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 Posted: 10-06-2015 03:47 pm
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Hi Nigel,

It has been a while since I looked into the part numbers but they should all fit the W58, at least the ones that don't mention "not sure if this is a match".  If I remember correctly there may have been some changes for Lexus W55 transmissions in the early 2000's but the W58's seemed to be a good fit.  The two differences I remember are the electronic speedometer which uses the same plastic gear as the cable speedometer and the ABS sensor that mounted into the front/top of the tail section of the W58.

Getting the electronic speedometer to work with the stock Smith's speedo would not be easy.  I am switching from the Smith's to an EVO speedometer and a W58 electronic speedometer assembly.  I needed to do this because I am adapting an EFI from a Lotus Esprit and a GM Quad4 (both used the same ECU with different PROM's) to fit a 912. The ECU needs the speedometer signal from the transmission and then it sends it on to the EVO speedometer. I also needed to change the speedo gears from stock to something close to what you would like to do. If I remember correctly I used Toyota part# 33403-29115/33481-14071 for a 3.0 ratio and it seems to work fine.

Let me know if you have any other questions.