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 Posted: 09-29-2015 07:44 pm
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Well, I did some asking around at the local British car club, and they all recommended a local machine shop which I hadn't heard of. Talked with them yesterday, and now that I know I have someone local who actually has some experience with this "exotic" engine. He doesn't seem too concerned about getting necessary parts, and I always have Delta a phone call away.

I did a good compression check on Sunday morning just for fun (warmed to operating temperature, throttle wide open) and front to back I got readings of 130, 125, 130, 135. So the rings seem to be in good repair, anyway.

So, I think what I am going to do is pull the engine, pull the peripherals, and then bring the whole thing over to them to have them (a) take a look at the head and do whatever valve work and reconditioning they recommend, and (b) have them do the job of replacing the rear main seal, along with doing whatever crank work ends up being associated with that. The nice thing about having them local is that they will call me at any stage where a decision needs to be made (new rings? etc) and I can just drive over and see what they are finding instead of having to do it all over the phone or email. Only concern is that they are REALLY booked up (figuring an April completion at this point) so I need to "get in line" if I'm going to go this route.

Here's a question: I have absolutely NO plans to replace the Strombergs to Dellortos (it's just not worth it for how I drive the car). Considering that, is it worth going to the higher compression pistons if I do decide to replace them?

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