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 Posted: 09-25-2015 06:15 pm
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During a normal rebuild, you will be reluctant to stop halfway through. If you're replacing the lip seal, the crank will need to be polished at the very least. Since the crank will be removed, you might as well have it balanced.
The pistons will be scuffed and the ring grooves worn so a set of 9.5:1 pistons will be needed. You'll be surprised at the increased drivability.

Any engine shop can rebuild the head since most engines have 4 valves per cylinder these days. You will have to source parts for them. Shimming the cams is the most difficult job since not many shops have a good selection of shims.

Remember, the Dellorto 40's were the stock carb. The Strombergs reduced HP by about 20 and were a pollution control compromise for the US. It's amazing how much more responsive the engine becomes.

Have fun! Kurt