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 Posted: 09-13-2015 07:31 am
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Well, took the red beast back to the Dragon hillclimb. With boost, some sticky new tires etc I was after the Two Minute Club. Saturday morning started out wet, but the car felt really good. I was tippy toeing up the hill, there's some places that are slick even in the dry. Conditions had improved but I was still taking it pretty easy. Then this happened:

I came out of the corner nice, straightened up and got in the gas, felt the rear of the car step to the left a little, enough to point me at the emergency vehicles. I eased up a tiny bit to bring the rear straight and the car snapped around to the right.

He's pretty bent up. Right now the car's still on the trailer, tomorrow AM I'm going to get it into the garage and take stock of the damage. I hope it's fixable and I might be putting out a call for some parts.

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