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 Posted: 08-05-2015 05:12 am
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Frank Schwartz


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No luck yet. I have all the marks lined up as per the manual and I have done this a dozen times in the past. I fire up the engine and it runs still at about 60 degrees advance..if I try to retard it, it speeds up..amazing...and if I try to advance it, for sake of argument, it slows down backfires and quits. When this car was brought to me it was running at 40 degrees and the weights were stuck in the distributor. I replaced the distributor and I still am too far advanced. I wonder...could the cam gears be put on front to back..or are the markings the same if the cam gears are reversed..that is turned around. Also a professional told me it could not run at 2000 rpm as it does without getting fuel and air.I blocked off the line going to the brake booster with no change. The fuel pump is putting out 4 pounds of, I am removing the carburetors...again...arrrrggghhhh....and making sure the butterfly valves are completely closed...tomorrow I will have a go at it again.... The only change is that I removed the points and put in a Pertronics ignition...and yes, the points ran at 40 degrees advance and with the Pertronics, I am even running at more advance....I am ready to shoot the car and find a deep hole for it...