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 Posted: 08-04-2015 08:33 am
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Tim Murphy

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When one changes the timing belt the distributor timing gear can freely rotate and cause large changes in the spark timing. IMO, moving the spark plug wires around may only confuse the issue. Re set everything back to its basic setting as you have started to do.

1. 110 IN lined up with 110 EX on cam gears: done
2. Engine Crank mark lined up with TDC: done
3. Rotor centered on distributor socket for cylinder 1: You may have to loosen the timing belt and rotate the distributor gear by hand a few notches to get the rotor positioned correctly. 
4. Points open (or electric ignition equivalent) so high voltage current sent to cylinder one spark plug.
5. Plug wires in distributor installed in proper firing order
6. Plug wires well separated to avoid cross firing, the spark current jumping from one wire into another.

As Andy said, we all have gone thru this. Good luck and please tell us what the problem was when you get it worked out.

Take care

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