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 Posted: 08-04-2015 12:57 am
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The best way I know to be sure you are not 360 degrees out is to remove the valve covers (I know, on a 907 we all hate to do that), and make sure that when you are at TDC that the inlet and exhaust valves have free play. If they are tight or partially open you are 360 degrees out. If this is correct then your problem is somewhere else.

However, if you already rotated your plug wires, this should have taken care of it. Remember, the crank doesn't care which stroke it is on, it is the sychronization of the cams and the distributor that counts.

I also remember that I screwed up the timing marks on the pullies one time with the same effect (think I confused the inlet and exhaust marks) and another time screwed up the firing order (1342).

Just some suggestions,