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 Posted: 07-27-2015 08:05 pm
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Hi Nigel,
My engine when last dynoed was giving 205 but has had several updates since then including fuel injection, crank fired ignition, éclat air box, Lotusbit's big valves and vernier cam pulleys. It also had a LOUD exhaust.
At the time it was tested it had dellorto 45s and a custom aluminium air box which was very similar dimensionally to the éclat air box. It worked for a while but developed cracks and was binned, replaced initially with K&Ns and then the éclat air box with a Pipercross external filter. I'm afraid I can only say that it felt right as I have not had it tested since. With the setup I have the car idles like a bucket of nails but after 2k goes really well - really need to get it set up on a rolling road back in the UK.
I am pretty sure that the éclat air box is a big improvement on the standard one, but not convinced that the standard panel filter in it is worth having.