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 Posted: 07-27-2015 06:58 pm
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Dear JH/GT owners

My GT was on the dyno today to assess the impact of the 907/912 HC hybrid engine upgrade and big bore exhaust system fitted by LotusBits. I was expecting a number slightly above 180bhp but the actual reading was 155bhp ie not significantly greater than a new stock 907 engine. When the stock airbox setup (with new K&N filter) was removed, the figure increased to 175bhp.

Mike Taylor has suggested fitting the Lotus airbox setup (as was I think fitted to T75 series engined later GTs) which he believes will boost power to 180bhp. I'm not sure. I certainly don't want to remove the airbox setup entirely and run with just K&Ns on the carbs, as I'm trying to quieten the car down and don't want a lot of induction roar.

There'll be another opportunity tomorrow UK time for another dyno run, so I want to finalise the airbox options before then. In this context, what experience have you guys had with different airbox setups? Is the Lotus setup significantly less restrictive than the stock Jensen setup? Why did Jensen use the Lotus airbox setup on later GTs? Are there any other options?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this evening UK time if possible. Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,