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 Posted: 07-18-2015 06:35 pm
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Hi Georg

My GT is now running, and I went up to LotusBits earlier today to finalise various outstanding jobs. They have fitted the Lucas 45DM4 distributor and AB14 ignition amplifier from the Lotus Excel. The AB14 is mounted on the engine bulkhead, using the mounting points used for the engine damper on the Jensen-Healey. Unfortunately the original Smiths RVI tachometer does not work, and Mike has fitted a voltage triggered VDO tachometer from a Lotus Excel and rewired the circuitry behind the dash and at the coil so it works. I have just sent the Smiths tacho to Spiyda Design for conversion to RVC operation, so it should work with the AB14.

Next week the car gets MOT'd and the week after it'll be on the rolling road. Based on a quick run up and down the drive to Mike's workshop, there is a lot more torque and therefore no issues whatsoever with the Toyota W58 gearbox and the original 3.45:1 cwp rear end.

Of course more shaking down is required, particularly after such major works have been completed, but the early signs are very good indeed.

Best wishes,