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 Posted: 07-15-2015 05:28 pm
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Well, I was hoping Jim was on to something with the dampers. I checked the oil level in the dampers and it was indeed low. Topped them up with some 20W50 and they move nice and slow now, but after a test drive the problem persists.

Brett, the Strombergs were rebuilt right before I got the car, about 4 years ago. I'm not discounting your suggestion, and if they need to be cleaned up I'm happy to do so, but I still think it's ignition related (distributor or coil). One thing I didn't mention in the original description of the problem is that it does seem to be heat related... the warmer the engine, and the warmer the outside temperature is, the worse the problem is.  I've also noticed that she seems to be running just a little hotter than she used to (not overheating by any stretch, but enough to be noticeable).

At this point I'll fiddle with it a little longer (maybe siphon the oil out of the carbs and replace it with new just to completely rule that out).  Also check the shafts for vacuum leaks.  Only other thing I can think of to check is compression... is it possible I have a sticking valve?  I haven't done that yet since I need to have someone else to crank over the engine and everyone seems to be conveniently absent when I'm working on her.

If I can't come up with another solution, then I'll wait for Mike from Delta to call me back with the news that they have the Pertronix stuff in. If I go that route, the plan is to just order and install a new complete Pertronix distributor, and a new coil. That way I can rule out pretty much anything having to do with the ignition.  If I do go this route, I won't be able to reattach the vacuum line to the distributor as the Pertronix distributor doesn't have a vacuum retard.

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