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 Posted: 07-10-2015 09:57 pm
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Hi all.
I hope this helps.  I was looking for an answer to this question myself.  I had a shop try and they gave up so was a bit frustrated with the bloody brits.
Here is what I discovered.  The biggest problem to making this adjustment is the hood support.  It puts a twist into the hood making adjustment impossible. 
I disconnected the hood support, bottom only and let it hang (wrap the bottom of the hing with cloth).  Then I supported the hood at the front about 16 inches off the front bumper.  The old rear stop bumpers were still in place so I knew about where the hood should sit and could tell that at the angle created by the support the rear tips of the hood where going to sit below the fender line.  I loosened both sets of nuts just enough so I could force the hood down and it wouldn't move back (friction).  My wife and I pressed down, her on one side, me on the other u side until both sides were hitting the stop bumpers.  I then reached up inside and tightened the nuts on my side and then my wife's.
I lowered the hood and Wahlah.  The hood is sitting down where it belongs.
I also discovered that the bolts on the hood not only adjust the forward/back position, but also the side to side.  There is enough clearance to get about a 1/16 move side to side and a bit more forward or back.  Not sure how this works since it's a round hole but it does.
One other hint on adjusting the hood.  Be sure to wrap any tools you are using with a couple of layers of cloth along with the block of wood you might try to pry with to prevent scratching.
Good luck

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