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 Posted: 06-18-2015 08:55 pm
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Thanks for chipping in, Tim!

Fortunately, no alcohol in standard fuel here in Norway, at least that I know of, and E85 flopped. I think there is a grand sum total of 8 - eight - filling stations in the whole country you can still get it.

I think the termostat is for 88C, it could possibly be a 92C one. It never gets really hot here, a summer heat wave means 30C (85F) maximum daytime temperature for about a week.

What I really can't understand is why the situation is deteriorating. She ran very fine the year before last, then started acting up last year and is impossible this year. But Kurt may have a point, it could be ignition related. The problems carry more than a little resemblance to the way she was acting when I still had points in the distributor and I accidentally had kept the ballast resistor when installing a fresh Lucas Sport Coil (12V). Unless Lucas is still living up to its reputation I have no reason to believe the fault is in the coil, it has less than 2000 miles on it. But rotor and cap need to be checked. Wiring in general also needs to be checked, and a relay for pulling coil current more or less straight from the battery could be installed. I have a spiyda tach conversion kit lying around, just haven't gotten around to installing it yet, so getting coil current out of the tach could be imminent.

This week and next are just too busy to work on the car. In addition to a day job, there is family to attend to and I'm playing three concerts with a jazz big band in as many days this weekend.