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 Posted: 06-17-2015 07:25 pm
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Are your Dellortos stock Jensen-Healey spec? And are they emissions or non-emissions? What is the elevation above sea level where you live?

I have three 907s equipped with 45E Dellorots, and have never experienced percolation/ vapor lock problems with any of them. And one of them is in a mid-engined Esprit where there's little airflow, and the engine bay gets hotter than typical front engine cars.

On this side of the pond, Zenith-Strombergs were stock on the 907, and they did suffer from vapor lock; but the Dellortos cured all of that for me. So I'm surprised to hear that you're having trouble. I suspect it's something about your jetting set-up, your home elevation (mixture goes richer at higher elevation), or a failure in your carbs, but I'm not ready to blame carbs... or Dellorto carbs.