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 Posted: 06-15-2015 08:09 pm
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Got it figured out, mostly anyway.

Opened up the brakes again, took the right side one apart to clean and lubricate everything, and after looking at the exploded view in the manual, found that the lower lever was in backwards. Same on the left side. My fault, though in my defense I took Brett Gibson's advice of doing one side at a time last spring so the other side was available as a reference... apparently they've been in backwards since the previous owner's days.

All reassembled and working properly now, though I think the left side adjuster is worn a little too much to stay adjusted. I have a spare axle from my bits car with all this attached yet, so at some point I'll pull the associated bits off and swap them out to see if that makes things perfect.

Regardless, I now finally have a handbrake that actually does what it's supposed to do.