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 Posted: 06-14-2015 01:57 pm
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I tried again today, timing from start to stall. Ambient temperature 18C. 22 minutes idling from cold till stall.

I then immediately popped the bonnet, IR temperature gun in hand and started shooting.

Inlet runners, measured at the non-machines injector boss:
#1 88C, #2 86C, #3 86C, #4 86C.

Carbs, roughly at the jets: 46C for both.

Bonnet, 55C in the middle, measured from below after opening.

Airbox: 55C.

Fuel filter has fuel, fuel pump cadence sounds ok. Just before stalling it bogged and recovered a few times, and fired a few shots in the exhaust.

I might try opening up the idle screws a bit more, I just remember that I turned them in a bit last summer after the biannual inspection. They said it was "a bit too rich" in a way that told me it was slobbering rich at idle, the limit is 3.5% CO.

But it still really bothers me that I can't seem to get it started for hours after it stalls.