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 Posted: 06-12-2015 08:04 pm
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I'm a wit's end here, and seconds away from taking my chances with the authorities and installing a Megasquirt and a set of Jenvey throttle bodies. Alternatively I could hide the injectors in front of the air horns, but that will take a bit of fabrication.

When hot (enough) she will stumble and stall, even when the idle is set as high as 1300 RPM. After it happens, restarting is for all intents and purposes impossible apart from a tow start. Ordinary bump starting will not cut muster. I can catch the stumble with the accelerator, but in traffic that turns into continous heel-and-toe, which is more than just a little tiring. In the garage it took about 15 minutes of idling before she croaked, five minutes of slightly spirited driving will yield the same result.

What is going on here? The inlet manifold is hot and stays hot for a long time.

No wonder carbs disappeared from production vehicles once the alternative was economically viable, at least am I pi&%ed off with them.