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 Posted: 06-12-2015 07:32 pm
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I don't think you can tighten the self-adjuster without dis-assembling the drum brake entirely. You should however, as Joachim says, be able to completely slacken off the self-adjuster remotely - remove the oval rubber blank from the back of the backing plate, you should be able to see a metal slot in the upper lever of the self-adjuster through the backing plate, insert a flat-blade screwdriver into this slot and push upwards to release the mechanism.

In theory, with this done on both sides, use of the brakes should then tighten the self-adjusters equally on both sides. In practice, however, this may not work if the self-adjuster levers are corroded, in which case you need to dis-assemble the drum brake, clean up the self-adjuster levers with some emery paper, including the fine teeth which mesh the two levers together, and lubricate the spring and lever pins so the levers can rotate freely.

Hope this helps.