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 Posted: 06-06-2015 03:23 am
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Frank Schwartz


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Fellow Jensenites, as you know, there is always something that comes up that you have never encountered before on your beloved Jensen Healey...and this one is confusing. The steering is quite loose and I thought it might be needing shims at the bottom of the steering gear box, as I have previously run into.

However, even a casual inspection has shown me that the crazy triple U joint business, right at the firewall is quite loose and shows obvious great wear. I have consulted the service manual (always a source of overly simplistic instructions that never work) and cannot find really informative instructions as to how to remove it for replacement or servicing..

I think, I can temporarily remove the steering rack allowing withdrawal of the shaft with the triple u joints...but maybe not.

Has anyone replaced these U joints, or does the unit come as an assembly...or do I have to take the car apart to do this??

Any suggestions will be most gratefully received.

Thank you,
Frank Schwartz