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 Posted: 05-14-2015 08:18 pm
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Decided it was time for a completely unnecessary upgrade, just because I've wanted to do this for some time. Placed 3 orders with 3 different vendors:

1. Madera Concepts for the full dash wood kit, including the gauge panel surround, because it looks sooo nice.

2. APT Instruments for replacement trim rings for all the gauges. Stock was black, but the new ones will be chrome. I've seen pictures and the chrome rings just make the gauges "pop" in the woodwork.

3. Delta Motorsports for 6 new 5W gauge bulbs, so I can actually see the gauges at night. Figured since I had to pull the gauges to install the trim rings anyway...

Also ordered from Delta a new windshield washer nozzle (I wrecked the old one when I stripped her bonnet down, and I've been driving around with a hole in the bonnet ever sinze) and a new shift boot to replace the 41 year old rather ripped up one she has now. Appearance is everything (plus I already had the other stuff coming so the shipping was covered).

Pictures when it's all done... Madera figures about 3 weeks for the woodwork.