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 Posted: 05-03-2015 02:01 pm
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Hi Randall and anyone else who may be interested in this post.

I am not familiar with Desktop Dyna 2000 but read your post with interest as I am in a similar situation.

After too many years to mention I am at the final stages of rebuilding my 2.2 motor.

My main objective was always to build a nice fun motor with the emphasis on reliability.
I have had the bottom end doweled on all 10 main bolts, the tunnel line bored and everything balanced and blue printed, from a number of sources from 5+ years ago I chose 9.5 :1 compression CP piston from JHPS. The cylinder head and 45mm Carbs came from a later Lotus with bigger ports than the original JH and I have ported it (not a Zeus head).

The Cams that came with the head are the 'E' Spec cams and I intend to time them to 102.5 deg with the HTD vernier pulleys. I also have crank fired ignition.
It will be basically a circa 1980 Spec 5 Lotus motor.

At this stage I am about to fit the head but wondering if I should change the valve springs now incase at a later date I decide to go to 104 cams or a 107 / 104 combo and the standard valve springs would not be able to handle the 104 cam lift due to coil binding.

Lotusbits in the UK advised me not to use the 'E' Spec cams as they said were never used in a 2.2, but I have read that the first series of 2.2 Lotus Sunbeams used that cam and Garry Kemp told me the E cam is a very pleasant road profile.
Since I have choosen a relatively low compression ratio I do not know if I would get the full advantage of the 104 cams?

One thing that I would be very keen to source is a suitable set of beehive valve springs, as there is a lot of literature on the net of the advantages of using a single beehive spring instead of double valve springs.

Any advise on cams, cam timing or valve springs would be appreciated.

Cheers Carl