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 Posted: 05-02-2015 06:56 pm
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Hello to anyone who commented on this string and provided me input.

I the happiest JH owner on the planet today. I had a buddy of mine (mechanic, but not a British mechanic) look at the car. He ran a mechanic's stethoscope all over the engine and said "hey, I'm not a master of this engine, but I feel a very slight vibration coming out of the top of your distributor." We took the distributor out and looked OK. It was leaking oil through it, but spun OK and seemed like it was working fine. But, the fact that it had points and was leaking oil through the inside was enough to make me go ahead and just grab a new Pertronix distributor.

I did so and installed it on a rainy day last weekend. Everything went together well, and sitting in the sounded every bit as good as my last JH engine when I installed the Pertronix. So with some clear weather today, I finally had the chance to drive the car a bit...just finished almost 50 miles. I ran it up to 95 mph or so...rock solid. And I ran it stop light to stop light for at least 20 of those miles. I did not hear the noise one single time...not once! Can you believe that?

Now, I'm not 100% convinced it's fixed just yet. But I'll tell you that in the 8 months I've owned this car, I was never able to drive it more than 20 miles under those conditions without having the car sound like it was possessed. My fingers are crossed that the problem is solved and it's going to be a GREAT summer under the sun!

Thanks again to all for your help and input.



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