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 Posted: 05-01-2015 03:28 pm
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Time to grab the bull by the horns and get something done again. Been way too busy playing music, driving the offspring around, working on plans for renovating the house, the list of excuses just goes on...

Time for rear brakes!

After a lot of swearing and head scratching, I came up with this contraption for pulling the halfshafts out:

I could then get rid of the old backing plate and put the halfshaft back in:

Then I realized what Gordon (gmgiltd) was on about when talking about when he said he had to make up a 3mm spacer. The bearing retainer plate can't be secured without distorting it without the backing plate. The backing plate is 2.5mm thick but with a paper gasket. I found the front plate from an old amplifier and started cutting:

While I was at it, I found that it was time to open the rear end and change the old. Oh boy, that smelled! The oil was dark brown and thick, so a change was about time:

More to come, now I have a family to feed...


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