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 Posted: 04-26-2015 01:24 pm
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I'm not yet sure whether the factory fit 3.45:1 cwp diff will be too tall for the W58 gearbox (which is generally taller geared than the Getrag) notwithstanding there'll be more engine torque post upgrade. Different people have different views here, and I reckon it depends whether one's priority is off-the-line performance or quieter motorway cruising. I won't be able to decide until I've got the GT back and lived with it for a while, but as an insurance policy I've just bought a low mileage 3.73:1 cwp axle off a Healey and am cleaning it up, and learning about half shafts and Lockheed drum brakes in the process. So I'll be able to swap out the axle if I want more acceleration off the line.

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