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 Posted: 04-25-2015 05:12 pm
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The rings should not be gapped to a 'minimum', and there's such a thing as too tight. Each type of ring will have a specified gap 'range', so follow the manufacturer's instructions and make certain the gaps are within that range.

The engine is 40+ years old, so it's likely the rings you get from a J-H or Lotus specialist will be aftermarket alternatives, and not factory OEM rings. 'IF'the rings are anything other than factory OEM, then ignore the J-H manual and follow the installation instructions that come with the rings with regards to gap, side clearances, and ring orientation.

Check the piston to liner clearance.

The bore should have a pronounced 45 degree cross-hatch. The rings depend upon a good cross-hatch to wear-in and seal against the liner. If the cross-hatch is original and worn smooth, then the rings may take 'forever' to bed-in.

Don't use synthetic oil in a freshly rebuilt engine. It's too slippery, and it will inhibit the rings' ability to bed-in. Use a mineral oil during the break-in period, then (if you wish) switch to a synthetic at a later date.

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