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 Posted: 04-21-2015 09:22 pm
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OK, the pics I promised. Hopefully these will help. Keep in mind that I just replicated what was in the car when I got her... I am not guaranteeing that these represent what is actually factory original. The fuel pump is definitely not original.

A close up view of the left end of the fuel tank, with the fuel pump. Really shoddy wiring job, I need to go in there and pretty it up (this is how the car was when I got it). If you look on the boot floor, the supply line comes from in front of the tank (relative to the front of the car), bends toward the rear and then up, and into the bottom fitting on the fuel filter. Then, the hose from the top of the filter routes over to the left side of the fuel pump (it's cut off in the picture, but take my word for it), and the hose from the right side of the pump feeds the tank. This is the only part of the fuel line that's really visible for me to take pictures of.

OK, putting the carpet back in. Here I have it propped against the back of the car so you get the general idea of the shape and how it bends. There are two pieces of 1/4" hardboard: one that slides horizontally over the top of the fuel tank, and one that sits vertically behind it. The horizontal on the ground is just carpet - no hardboard. That's what sits on the boot floor. The two pieces of hardboard are taped together using duct tape (not terribly elegant... there were little hinges on the original setup but I didn't bother with them since you can't see any of this when it's installed anyway. Then, the carpet is glued to the hardboard.

Hard to get good pics with all this black, but the carpet is laid onto the boot floor. I have the two pieces of hardboard folded back on top of it. The "shoestring" laying across it comes into play a little later... I forgot to move it for this pic.

Now I'm "uncollapsing" the assembly so that the top horizontal part will slide over the top of the tank. Note that there are three slots cut in top: two at left and right for the fuel tank top supports, and the bigger center one to go around the fuel filler hose.

It's tucked up into place...

And the string you saw earlier is looped around the fuel filler hose, and hooks down onto a little metal hook that I took off the old hardboard. Again, not sure it's original, but it works fine to hold it in place.

A closer look at the hook with string...

And a closer look at the hook itself.

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