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 Posted: 04-20-2015 10:49 pm
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Hi Georg

From what I've read on the JHPS and JOC fora, it's easier (read, less difficult) to fit a 912 engine in a LHD GT than a RHD GT.

Mike Taylor reckons the 907 bottom end is fine to use with a 912 cylinder head. Even though the 907 bottom end is less rigid, this does not really matter except in 200bhp plus applications. I should have around 180bhp so I'm comfortable...

The AB14 is literally a black box, usually mounted on the engine bulkhead or the inner wing, close to the coil. I do not think it should be mounted on the engine itself.

Google images "Lucas AB14 ignition amplifier" and you can see some pictures of what it looks like.

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