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 Posted: 04-20-2015 12:10 pm
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Hi Georg

Mike Taylor at LotusBits is also fitting the same distributor to the engine of my GT, which is currently being upgraded to 907/912 hybrid spec. The Lucas 45DM4 distributor included an optical trigger in the cap and in later Lotus Excel / Esprit incarnations was used with an external ignition amplifier called the Lucas AB14.

Together, these components comprise essentially the same circuitry as is found in more modern Pertronix and Accuspark units, which in more recent years has been manufactured small enough for the entire thing to fit inside the distributor cap.

General consensus would most likely be that you're better off installing a more modern unit, however I'm not sure either Accuspark or Pertronix make a points replacement unit for the 45DM4 distributor.

As for tachometer function with the 45DM4 / AB14 combination, Mike says it has worked fine with the RVI tachometer on other Jensen Healeys he has worked on. I'll let you know whether I have any problems with my GT, probably later next week.

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