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 Posted: 04-04-2015 01:46 am
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I appreciate your feedback, I guess I must have gotten lucky, as all three silencer and pipe units fit together like a glove. This is actually the first thing I have ever installed on this car that did not get a good swearing at!

They "Y", middle box and "U" bolt connection hardware came from Martin Robey, with the front and back silencers coming from Dave Bean.

It appears to me that maybe you telling them where the system needed improvement worked out well for me!

As I first indicated, I have been reading so many horror stories about the noise put out by the other systems, some said they could not even hear the radio, which I just could not handle.

In 1975 my best friend purchased a 1974 JH, what I remember about that care vividly, was how quick it was, and how quiet.

Once I get the headers on I guess I will find out if it was worth the extra money!